pattern batik khas indonesia
pattern batik khas indonesia
Indonesia Batik Pattern
About Congress

East Asia Local and Regional Gov Congress

A. PURPOSE In 2010, as a core project in commemoration of the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital, the “East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress” was established by the governments of local regions in Japan, China, and South Korea, as well as in India and Southeast Asia. The purpose of this Congress is for representat...
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Japan Image Cover
West Java Profile

West Java Province

Java is one of the islands of the Greater Sunda Islands in Indonesia, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south and the Java Sea to the north. With a population of over 148 million (Java only) or 152 million (including the inhabitants of its surrounding islands), Java constitutes 56.1 percent of the Indonesian population and is the world’s most pop...
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pattern batik khas indonesia
West Java Tourism

Tourist Attractions in West Java

West Java is an Indonesian province on the island Java, extending south and east of Jakarta. Bandung, the provincial capital, is known for Dutch-designed art deco buildings such as the Villa Isola.

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